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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Is a Cattle Guard, Mr. Vice-President

Recently I heard a funny story, that you may or may not have heard.  Also, this story may or may not be true, but it is funny nonetheless.

But first, let's clear something up.  This is a cattle guard.  We don't have them in Pennsylvania, I guess here it doesn't matter if cows are running rampant across roads or into our neighbors property.  Of course, here in the big city, we don't have many cows, much less a need for cattle guards.

When I lived in New Mexico and Arizona, we had cattle guards all over.  There was one about 500 yards from the end of our driveway that separated public land from the reservation.  The cattle guard didn't keep the cows out of our yard or from totally destroying my son's favorite plastic rake.  But that's another story for another day.

Recently it has been brought to my attention that our Vice President thought that cattle guards were actually people guarding cattle.  Now, Mr. Biden is from Pennsylvania, so I can understand.  Had I not lived out west, I probably wouldn't have known either.

However, when reviewing grazing policies for western states it was discussed that several cattle guards were to be removed.  Thinking about all of soon-to-be-unemployed, Mr. Biden replied "Before any one is fired, why don't we consider six months of re-training?"

Again, this could likely be just a joke, hopefully our vice-president knows what a cattle guard really is. 

One more totally unrelated thing I'd like to address.  I've been away from blogger for a few weeks.  Every time I have some sort of extended absence they seem to change things around on the blog author's end of things.  They claim it's more maneuverable and easier to set up.  I've been on blogger for four years.  I don't find it easier.  I realize I'm not the most computer savvy yahoo out there.  But I do know what a cattle guard is.

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